Program description


65x26 minutes

Venture Falls is seeing some strange events lately. Corn popping on the stalks, fog that turns day into night, hailstones the size of baseballs, sinkholes in the soccer field… and only four kids know the real reasons for these natural disasters.

Toby and Nick Tripp and their friends, Jessica and Lucas keep busy catching flicks at the multiplex, hitting the surf at the SplashDown water park or camping in Grand Valley. They also share a big secret… through a crowded pantry, down some stone steps, is the Primal Pad – a portal to a magical dimension called Gorm.

In Gorm, peaceful Gormiti creatures, formed from natural elements, are in a constant battle with evil Fire Gormitis and their never-ending war causes the natural disturbances in Venture Falls.

With their magic orbs, crystals and a portal, the human heroes travel to Gorm and magically transform into super-powered Gormitis. Toby, Lord of the Sea controls water. Jessica, Lord of the Air can fly and control winds. Lucas, Lord of the Forest controls vines, trees and plants. Nick, Lord of the Earth has the strength of stone.

After many adventures packed with comedy and action, our heroes discover the kingdom of Luminos the Supreme, Lord of the Light. Here their bodies change, become more powerful. To help the four Lords of Nature in their delicate mission to save Earth and the Gorm, Luminos the Supreme grants them the power of Light, as well as magical golden armors. New powers for a new era… the era of the Supreme Eclipse!


Created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, David Michel
Directed by Pascal Jardin, Pascal Ropars, Sylvain Girault, Pascal Pinon
Litterary bible by Philippe Alessandri, Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, David Michel, Guillaume Rostain, Séverine Vuillaume, Giorgio Welter
Graphic creation by Bertrand Todesco, Roland Di Costanzo, Benoit Maillochon.
Theme music by Damien Roques, Bastide Donny, Gil Escriva, Jose Perea, Gary Volet
Episodes music by David Vadant, Noam Kaniel
Production Marathon Media, Giochi Preziosi
© 2010 – Giochi Preziosi S.p.A., Marathon

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