Monster Buster Club – Fact Sheet

Monster Buster Club is a full 3D action comedy series, which follows the adventures of a top-secret club of four 10 year-old kids, who find out they have been chosen to re-form an ancient club; the Monster Buster Club.

They are the only ones aware that their home town of Singleton is being threatened by an alien invasion and must fulfill their secret mission to defeat them.

TARGET MARKET : Boys & Girls : 5 – 10 year-old

THEMES AND VALUES : Action, Comedy, Friendship

FORMAT : 52 x 26’

BROADCASTERS : France (TF1), Europe (Disney XD), Canada (YTV), Germany (Super RTL), USA (Disney XD), Spain (RTVE), UK (GMS), Asia (Disney), … and more!

Albin Michel (Publishing: story books/ activity books/ computer books), Hachette (Publishing : novelization), Metco (Toiletries), Nordcurrent (Video Games),  TF1 Video (Video)

For international licensing, please contact us.


DOWNLOAD : Monster Buster Club – Presentation

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