The Amazing Spiez! – Fact Sheet

The Amazing Spiez! Is an animated spying comedy series. Lee, Megan, Marc and Tony Clark are four tight knit siblings acting as spies for the WOOHP, as their colleaguesn the Totally Spies! Equiped with the next generation’s gadgets and super cool vehicles, the newest Spiez! Have to juggle their family lifes with intense international spy missions and have to keep it as a secret!

TARGET MARKET : 6-10 year-old

THEMES AND VALUES : Spy fiction, Gadgets, Family

FORMAT : 52×26’

BROADCASTERS : France (TF1 & Canal J), Spain (Telecinco), Canada (Teletoon), Middle East (MBC3), South-East Asia (Disney Channel) and more …

LICENSEES (France): Pocket (Publishing), TF1 Vidéo (Vidéo)

For international licensing, please contact us.


DOWNLOAD : The Amazing Spiez! – Presentation

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