Totally Spies! – Fact Sheet

Totally Spies! is a fast-paced comedy and a high-energy action show starring three Beverly Hills teen girls who unwittingly become secret agents. They must find ways to combine their schoolgirl priorities, such as getting their homework done on time or finding the right dress for the prom, with their spy duties in order to save the world from outlandish supervillains.

TARGET MARKET : Girls 6-12 year-old

THEMES AND VALUES: Action, Team Spirit, Fashion

FORMAT : 130 x 26′

Totally Spies! is now one of the longest girl-heroe animated series, sold in over 100 territories.

Totally Spies the movie: Summer 09

BROADCASTERS : TF1, Disney XD (Europe), MBC3 (UAE), TV Globo (Brazil), CN (US) …

Albin Michel – Hachette (Publishing), Compagnie Européennes des Parfums (Perfumes), Jungle (Comic Books), Publifast (Magazine), Ubisoft/Ouat (Video Games), Ertedis (Outdoor), Brossard (Cake) …

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