Dimitri Bodiansky joins Marathon Media as Senior Fiction Producer.

Marathon Media welcomes Dimitri Bodiansky as Senior Fiction producer and Johan Chiron as Fiction Manager on board.

Before joining Marathon Media, Dimitri Bodiansky has developed a unique know-how in creating  sitcoms with series such as Trop La Classe, Trop La Classe Verte and Trop La Classe Café.

From his years within the band Indochine– of which he was a founder – Dimitri learnt about every aspect of production (tours, video, discs, legal, merchandising, musical edition…) and in 1994, he created KBP within the videogame editor MFE, before focusing on TV and animation for young adults (Lakmi & Boomy, Friday Wear…). Today Marathon Media takes over KBP’s business.

Dimitri’s appointment is a great opportunity to access a new range of skills very complementary to Marathon Media’s specialty (focused on kids animation): a real expertise in terms of family-aimed sitcoms and animation for young adults, two areas in which French talents are rather rare.

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