Zodiak Kids’s hit comedy series Rekkit Rabbit renewed for a third season

Zodiak Kids’ prodco Marathon Media has been commissioned to produce another 26 x 13’ series for TF1 and Disney XD Europe, taking the total run for the series to 104 episodes. Production starts this September.


This third season commission comes on the heels of the series’ ratings success. Rekkit Rabbit successfully premiered in France on Europe’s leading TV network TF1. Since launch in March 2011, the series already ranks fourth among children aged 4-10 (above hit shows like Spongebob Squarepants and Penguins of Madagascar), with a 21% market share, 6% higher than the slot average. Rekkit Rabbit reaches over 2 million viewers every week on TF1, including 1 million kids aged 4-10.


The series will debut on Disney Europe’s channels in Fall 2011, with the exception of Poland where the show already hit screens with a bang on 8 June: Rekkit Rabbit was the most successful youth launch in the history of Disney XD, Poland’s leading children’s channel. During the whole month of June, Rekkit scored strong triple-digit gains among Kids 4-9 (+109%) and Boys 4-9 (+164%) and double-digit gains among Girls 4-9 (+34%) versus the slot average (January-June 2011 / 11h00).



Rekkit Rabbit is a cartoon comedy series produced by Vincent Chalvon Demersay and David Michel at Marathon Media, part of Zodiak Kids, whose previous credits include Redakai, Gormiti and the worldwide hit Totally Spies. Head writers for the series are Reid Harrisson (The Simpsons, George of the Jungle) and Mitch Watson (Scooby Doo!).

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