Totally Spies ! the Movie awarded at the 2011 Kidscreen Awards

Totally Spies ! the Movie awarded Best TV Movie at the 2011 Kidscreen Awards

Based on the smash-hit kid’s series Totally Spies, the 5-season phenomenon on air for almost 10 consecutive years on most of the major broadcasters of the world, the feature film is a prequel finally unveiling the origins of the series. A tale that has never been told before on TV: how three clueless Beverly Hills teenage girls became accidental secret agents!

The movie is created by the same team that produced the TV success, with the production standards of the movie industry. The Kidscreen Award confirm the international triumph  of the Totally Spies property.

Totally Spies! The Movie : synopsis
How Sam, Clover and Alex have become the best undercover Spies of Beverly Hills : The Totally Spies !
Soon after arriving at Beverly Hills High School, Sam, Alex and Clover are recruited to become international spies for WOOHP – The World Organization Of Human Protection.
After some incredibly serious training, the Spies are sent on their first assignment by Jerry, the Director of WOOHP, to solve the mysterious disappearances that are happening all over Los Angeles.
The Spies quickly discover that these missing persons have been abducted after being “Fabulized” – in other words, after being transformed by a strange machine that changes peoples’ looks!
Having to juggle between their regular, high-school-girl lives and their new secret identities, the Spies ultimately uncover who is behind the abductions…

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